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July 2020
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Try, try again
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Posted by: Sako @ 8:35 pm

Sheesh!  This is the third time I’ve tried to write this post.  The first two ended in locking up my browser.  I’m going to have to talk to Dad about the equipment he’s letting me use.

There’s been a lot going on - mostly growing.  I weigh so much now that between me’n Dad, we overload the bathroom scales.  His loving sister said that if he’d lose some weight…  Well, being quick on his feet, Dad said, “Let’s see; a safe rate to lose weight is 2 lb a week.  Well, Shilohs put on over 3 lb. a week, so even if I were to lose weight, we’d still be losing ground.”  Quick thinking, huh?

My most favoritest thing to do is still to chew on Dad’s arm.  But, I do eventually catch on and back off.  If only for a few minutes.  Then I lick him.  He falls for it every time.  :)

You may have noticed that I’ve been losing my coloring on my sides over the past few weeks.  Hmmm.  What will I wind up looking like?  Well, here’s some pix:

So, that’s a camera lens, eh? 

Oh, yeah, a couple of weeks ago, both my ears were up firm.  Hah!  Now one gets lazy.  Trouble is, it’s not always the same one.  First one, then the other.

Where have all my colors gone, long time pa-assing?

How do ya like that sable stripe?

Hi there!  Wanna come run with us?

Hmmmm.  I think someone has been here before.

Kickin’ up some dust!

With a cloud of dust, and a hearty, “Hi, ho, Sillll-verrrr!”

Golly!  This is fun!

See you again soon!

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