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July 2020
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Been awhile…
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Oooohhh, my dad’s been real baaaaaad.  He hasn’t posted anything in awhile.  I finally put my foot down and told him he’d better stop making us look so bad, especiallly since it’s a whole new year.  Well, let’s see - what’s been goin’ on?

Mostly, I’ve been growing a bunch.  I’m now 9 months old and over 80 lb. and have a really deep bark.  The other night Dad and I were out (I was trying to do my thing) when I was surprised by a couple of guys climbing down the rock retaining wall outside our apartment.  Bein’ as it was dark and all, and guys don’t usually do that sort of stuff, I let out a couple of big dark barks.  They both decided it would be wiser to climb back up that wall and take the long way around to get where they were going.  (Heh, heh.)

I’m just getting over a bout with panosteitis.  I was favoring my right front leg, and that went on for over a week.  Dad would palpate my leg from shoulder to foot pads, but that didn’t bother me at all.  It didn’t really hurt, but I didn’t want to put my weight on it.  Doc said it was a classic case, prescribed anti-inflamatories and said I should wait it out.  Dad did some checking on the internet and we guess it’s just one of those things that affects some dogs, but doesn’t cause any long term problems.

But, we had a fun time when we went to the doctor’s office.  We had to wait quite awhile because an emergency came in.  I was on my best behavior and greeted everyone who came into the waiting room (dog and person) with a big smile and a wag of my tail.  I got so many pettings!  Dad was constantly answering questions and telling everyone about Shilohs and what a wonderful job Ma has done with us.  They were impressed with my size and liked my soft fur and friendly disposition.  I liked the attention.

Last November, I discovered water!  We had a flooded field nearby and Dad took me out for a romp.  I had the best time.

Is it the Loch Ness monster?

Nope.  It’s Sako, the Water Doggie!

Today was a wonderful day - sunny and relatively warm.  We went out to the park and I had a lot of fun running and playing fetch.  I just love to get out off the leash, and was so well behaved that when we returned to the car, Dad let me go all the way without the leash.  Woo-hoo!

Dad took some movies of me playing, but didn’t have time this evening to edit them and get them posted, so pictures will just have to do.  Here’s one of me standing.

Who’s that handsome dog?

Well, all that playing done wore me out.

Guess I’ll just mosey on back to the car.

Got home and fell dead to sleep.  Finally woke up in time to wake Dad up from his nap.  He wasn’t too happy about that.  :)

More soon.  I promise!

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