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July 2020
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A New Day
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Posted by: Sako @ 1:09 pm

We went outside and played this morning.  What a beautiful day.  Dad walked around and I did a really good job (most of the time, anyways) of staying right beside his left leg.  On my own.  No leash.  No undo encouragement.  Dad said he was really impressed.  ‘Course, sometimes I surprised him by sticking to his right leg.  (hee, hee)

Oh, and we ran around, too.  Until Dad broke up laughing.  He said the way my ears flopped up and down when I was running was just way too cute.  I don’t mind.  I like cute.  And, just to show you that I’m also handsome, here’s a picture of me running to my Dad:

I’ve been told that I’m a show quality dog, and after he snapped this next picture, my Dad really gave me a lot of praise:

OK, bring on the ring!

Ah, but all of this activity has worn me out.  It’s time to go take a nap.  In my newly-discovered favorite safe spot - under Dad’s bed.

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  1. Anne Becker Says:
    Hello!! Tina Barber emailed me a link to Sako’s blog because he is another Texas Shiloh (we are up here in Denton, TX)!! He is absolutely GORGEOUS! Are you thinking of bringing him to the IABCA dog show in Hutto, Texas, to meet everyone? The show is on the last weekend of June. So glad to see you enjoying your new pupster!! It’s been a while since ours were that little. ;) –Anne :)
  2. KattyBlackyard Says:
    I really like your post. Does it copyright protected?

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