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January 2021
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Snow Doggie!
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Posted by: Sako @ 10:38 pm

OK, we don’t get snow very often down here in Little Rock, and when it snows, it usually doesn’t snow all that much, so when we get a winter weather day, like we did last Friday, it’s something special, even if not spectacular.  So I was excited to go outside and see (and smell) this white stuff that was everywhere.  Of course, I had to go play in it and root it up with my nose (after smelling and licking it for awhile).

So, here’s the obligatory picture of me with a white nose!

Well, it was gone just about as quickly as it came, and just a few nights later, Dad and I were outside and he kept shining his flashlight into my eyes.  I guess he thought it was pretty cool.  Here’s a short movie clip he took of me while he was doing this:

Sako’s Glowing Eyes

They say that the eyes are the window into the soul.  Does that mean I have a glowing personality?  (Hee, hee)

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Been awhile…
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Posted by: Sako @ 11:01 pm

Oooohhh, my dad’s been real baaaaaad.  He hasn’t posted anything in awhile.  I finally put my foot down and told him he’d better stop making us look so bad, especiallly since it’s a whole new year.  Well, let’s see - what’s been goin’ on?

Mostly, I’ve been growing a bunch.  I’m now 9 months old and over 80 lb. and have a really deep bark.  The other night Dad and I were out (I was trying to do my thing) when I was surprised by a couple of guys climbing down the rock retaining wall outside our apartment.  Bein’ as it was dark and all, and guys don’t usually do that sort of stuff, I let out a couple of big dark barks.  They both decided it would be wiser to climb back up that wall and take the long way around to get where they were going.  (Heh, heh.)

I’m just getting over a bout with panosteitis.  I was favoring my right front leg, and that went on for over a week.  Dad would palpate my leg from shoulder to foot pads, but that didn’t bother me at all.  It didn’t really hurt, but I didn’t want to put my weight on it.  Doc said it was a classic case, prescribed anti-inflamatories and said I should wait it out.  Dad did some checking on the internet and we guess it’s just one of those things that affects some dogs, but doesn’t cause any long term problems.

But, we had a fun time when we went to the doctor’s office.  We had to wait quite awhile because an emergency came in.  I was on my best behavior and greeted everyone who came into the waiting room (dog and person) with a big smile and a wag of my tail.  I got so many pettings!  Dad was constantly answering questions and telling everyone about Shilohs and what a wonderful job Ma has done with us.  They were impressed with my size and liked my soft fur and friendly disposition.  I liked the attention.

Last November, I discovered water!  We had a flooded field nearby and Dad took me out for a romp.  I had the best time.

Is it the Loch Ness monster?

Nope.  It’s Sako, the Water Doggie!

Today was a wonderful day - sunny and relatively warm.  We went out to the park and I had a lot of fun running and playing fetch.  I just love to get out off the leash, and was so well behaved that when we returned to the car, Dad let me go all the way without the leash.  Woo-hoo!

Dad took some movies of me playing, but didn’t have time this evening to edit them and get them posted, so pictures will just have to do.  Here’s one of me standing.

Who’s that handsome dog?

Well, all that playing done wore me out.

Guess I’ll just mosey on back to the car.

Got home and fell dead to sleep.  Finally woke up in time to wake Dad up from his nap.  He wasn’t too happy about that.  :)

More soon.  I promise!

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Fun With My Cuz
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Posted by: Sako @ 11:52 am

So, a couple of weekends ago, Dad took me to meet my cousin (his sister’s wire haired dachsund, Dieter).  Being much smaller, Dieter, of course, spent the greater part of our visit growling at me and making sure I knew whose house it was and who was in charge.  My attitude, of course, was… whatever.  I just wanted to play!  He eventually got more relaxed, and by the time I left, we had become friends.

Oh, yeah.  Take a look at my couleur du semaine.  (Picked that up from a french poodle I met recently.)

Here’s some pix:

Ah, what a profile.

Hmmm, this is new for both of us.  But I guess it’s time to start trying to figure it out.

Pssst!  When I say “Go!” you…

Dieter’n me

I’ll give you 10 minutes to stop that.

It’s OK, Dieter.  You can play with my Wubba.

And this is my favoritest place in the whole world to be!

See you soon.

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Try, try again
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Posted by: Sako @ 8:35 pm

Sheesh!  This is the third time I’ve tried to write this post.  The first two ended in locking up my browser.  I’m going to have to talk to Dad about the equipment he’s letting me use.

There’s been a lot going on - mostly growing.  I weigh so much now that between me’n Dad, we overload the bathroom scales.  His loving sister said that if he’d lose some weight…  Well, being quick on his feet, Dad said, “Let’s see; a safe rate to lose weight is 2 lb a week.  Well, Shilohs put on over 3 lb. a week, so even if I were to lose weight, we’d still be losing ground.”  Quick thinking, huh?

My most favoritest thing to do is still to chew on Dad’s arm.  But, I do eventually catch on and back off.  If only for a few minutes.  Then I lick him.  He falls for it every time.  :)

You may have noticed that I’ve been losing my coloring on my sides over the past few weeks.  Hmmm.  What will I wind up looking like?  Well, here’s some pix:

So, that’s a camera lens, eh? 

Oh, yeah, a couple of weeks ago, both my ears were up firm.  Hah!  Now one gets lazy.  Trouble is, it’s not always the same one.  First one, then the other.

Where have all my colors gone, long time pa-assing?

How do ya like that sable stripe?

Hi there!  Wanna come run with us?

Hmmmm.  I think someone has been here before.

Kickin’ up some dust!

With a cloud of dust, and a hearty, “Hi, ho, Sillll-verrrr!”

Golly!  This is fun!

See you again soon!

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So Much Going On!
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Posted by: Sako @ 3:29 pm

Boy, things have been busy around here.  I love writing these articles, but I haven’t learned how to log on yet, so Dad has to do it for me and he’s been too busy.  I finally clamped onto his heel today and wouldn’t let go until he logged me in so I could write to you all.  :)

Big news!  My ears came up last week!!!  Holy cow, I’m a big dog now.  Dad was so proud.  He finally took some pictures today, so you’ll see how striking they are in the pictures below.

And I’m up to 36.2 lb.  Dad gets a big kick out of the way I’m growing.  One day he says I’m just a loose bag of skin with tiny little dog parts inside.  Then, a few days later all those parts inside have grown to fill up that not-so-loose-anymore skin.

I got my last set of shots last week, including rabies, so I’m all legal now and don’t have to go back to the doctor for awhile.

I’ve discovered TV.  Dad laughs because I sit between him and the TV and watch intently, both ears up and focusing on what’s coming out of the box.  Sometimes I sit there for several minutes without moving.  Last night it was buffalos in Yellowstone Park.

Today, we did something new.  Dad took me to a dog park.  I met some new doggie friends there and people, too!  They all loved my soft fur and wondered what kind of dog I was.  Then Dad let them know I was “only” 16 weeks old.  Heh, heh.  That got their attention.  Dad even ran into some people he knew there.

I don’t know what to think about it all.  It was kinda overwhelming.  Some of those dogs were big!  Most of the time I pretty much stuck to Dad, but, then occasionally…  Anyway, these pictures will tell you more:

See?  My ears are up!


Runnin’ with my new bud, Buster.


You just gotta love his face!


OK, Dad.  I need to take a break.  Can you see my new dog tag?


How to win friends and influence doggies.


Dogs - and people, too!


Ohhhh.  You’re bigger up close!


Hello.  Hello.  Hello.  Hey, wait for me!


Runnin’ with the herd.


Whew!  All that activity wore me out.  When we got home, both Dad and I took a long, long nap.

Have a great week!

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Did You Have a Happy 4th?
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Posted by: Sako @ 4:17 pm

I did.  Lots of fireworks and fun!  And then, late at night, God got in the act with some fireworks of his own.  They were much bigger and noisier.  I’d never heard anything like that before.  Good thing Dad was here to calm me down.

I keep on growing.  Now, at 12 weeks old, I’m up to 25.2 lb.  Dad says he’s going to have to move the divider in my crate again.  Speaking of which, I like to sleep on my back!  ‘Course, I like to sleep pretty much any way I can, but I really like to sleep on my back.  Here’s a picture:

Yep, I’m pretty much filling up that crate now.  Oh, oh!  I hear the dinner bell ringing.  That’s my third favorite thing (after sleeping and playing with Dad).  Got to go!

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Posted by: Sako @ 6:19 pm

I discovered two new things today, and I like them both!

ICE CUBES!  Ooh!  Just the thing on these hot summer days!  Not only are they cool, but the slippery little devils are fun, too!

MY TAIL!  Don’t know what, exactly, it is, but I know if I can spin around fast enough, I can probably catch it.

What a fun day!

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I’m 11 (weeks) old!
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Posted by: Sako @ 3:11 pm

Boy, it’s been a busy week!  Mostly, I’ve been growing.  I went to the doctor yesterday and I’m up to 23.4 lb., 15 3/4″ at the withers and 20″ sternum to rump.  Maybe that’s why everyone has been telling me how big I’m getting.  Oh, oh, oh!  My left ear keeps trying to stand up!

Dad introduced me to a thing he calls a collar and one he calls a leash.  I don’t know about them.  Most of the time we get along, I suppose, but not all the time. (grrr)  But Dad tells me I’m taking to it very well.

OK, I know you want to see some pictures, so here we go:


Oh, lookee!

Ah’m a-truckin’…

Oh, boy, lollipop!

OK, so it’s just a stick.  But I like it.

Dad said, “Sit”, and I did.  He sure was happy.  (Yes, that’s grass on my tongue.)


I like bushes.  Don’t know what I’ll find in there, but I’m sure there’s something.

Oh, look!  There’s something else over there…

Ooh, ooh!  Three legs in the air.  I’m flying!!!

Comin’ in for a landing.  Bank right!  Bank right!

Drop it!


Yummy!  Dirt!

OK, it’s gettin’ pretty hot out here.  I think it’s time to go in.  See you soon!

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10 Weeks Old
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Posted by: Sako @ 8:16 pm

I’m ten weeks old today!  Dad says I’m growing like a weed.  I can tell my legs are longer, ’cause the steps don’t seem so big anymore.  :)

Don’t I have a cute butt?

Hah!  I’m an attack dog.

And that’s what my ears are going to look like when they stand up on their own.

Can you say, “stack”?

Yeah, I’m a happy dog!

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Ups… and Downs
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Posted by: Sako @ 7:27 pm

So, I mastered going up the stairs several days ago.  See?

Well, now I’ve mastered going down them as well!  I’m so proud.

Dad’s pretty proud, too.  But, he’s not so happy with my splashing in my water dish.  Says he’s going to have to go get a bigger mop.  Ma calls me a water dog.  I just think it’s fun.

I went to the vet today.  He’s really nice and said I’m in good shape, and that I weigh 16.2 lbs already.  I get to go back in a couple of weeks and get my shots!  I can hardly wait (I think)…

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Posted by: Sako @ 9:05 am

I like people!  In the past couple of days, I’ve met quite a few of them.  There are some like my Dad who say, “What a good looking dog.”  There are some that are pretty and speak in high voices.  They say things like, “Awww, how cute!”, and, “What a sweetie.”  Dad calls them “girls” and “women”.  He says I’m a babe magnet.  I don’t know what that means, but I do like the girls.  They smell good and I like to lick them.

Last night, Dad’s Barbershop Quartet came over to practice.  I sure liked meeting them and had a great time listening to them.  Most of the time, I was really well behaved and just lay down in the middle of them and listened.  Although there were a couple of times I just had to join in.  :)

Hey!  I got really brave and walked down three whole steps!  It wasn’t so bad, after all.  Maybe I’ll try four later on today.

Dad had to move the divider in my crate back a couple of bars.  He says it’s ’cause I’m growing.  I like it.  Now I can stretch out a little bit more when I’m sleeping.

And I’m learning to chew!  I like to chew most all the time, except when I’m sleeping.  Dad tells me not to, and I’m beginning to pay attention to him now.  Sometimes when he tells me not to chew on the <furniture/box/carpet/feet/hands/arms/wires/stereo/you-name-it>, I give him this funny look and them plop down and pout.  Harrumph!  Then I see one of my toys and I pounce on it!  Yay for toys!

Time for my nap.  See you later!

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Fun and Games
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Posted by: Sako @ 7:34 pm

I learned a new game, today.  Fetch!  I like it!  Dad and I were just walking along, when I found this stick.  Dad let me chew on it just a little bit, and then he said, “Bring it here.”

Boy, am I glad I did!  He tossed it just a little ways away and told me to fetch it.  Well, he didn’t have to tell me a second time, no sir!  I bounded right over to it and brought it back to him for some more.  What fun!

Sleep.  Play. Eat.  Sleep.  Play.  Eat.  Ah, it’s a dog’s life.

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A New Day
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Posted by: Sako @ 1:09 pm

We went outside and played this morning.  What a beautiful day.  Dad walked around and I did a really good job (most of the time, anyways) of staying right beside his left leg.  On my own.  No leash.  No undo encouragement.  Dad said he was really impressed.  ‘Course, sometimes I surprised him by sticking to his right leg.  (hee, hee)

Oh, and we ran around, too.  Until Dad broke up laughing.  He said the way my ears flopped up and down when I was running was just way too cute.  I don’t mind.  I like cute.  And, just to show you that I’m also handsome, here’s a picture of me running to my Dad:

I’ve been told that I’m a show quality dog, and after he snapped this next picture, my Dad really gave me a lot of praise:

OK, bring on the ring!

Ah, but all of this activity has worn me out.  It’s time to go take a nap.  In my newly-discovered favorite safe spot - under Dad’s bed.

I’m Home!
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Posted by: Sako @ 12:41 pm

Boy, yesterday was quite an adventure, and it really wore me out!  Ma packed me up in a box and drove all the way to Buffalo, where she put me on an airplane.  I don’t know if I liked that or not.  All of a sudden I was all alone, with strange noises and movements all around me.  But, they got me on an earlier flight out of Atlanta, so I surprised my Dad by getting to Little Rock earlier than expected.

Was I ever glad when this new stranger finally let me out of that box!  First thing he did when he let me out was give me some water.  Yep, I was mighty thirsty by then.  Then he petted me and made reassuring noises.  He pets real good.  I think I’ll keep him.

He had everything ready for me, and it wasn’t too long before he introduced me to my new best friend, Mr. Mahnquis.  Here we are, playing:

I was pretty tired when Dad finally put me in my crate, so I pretty much went right to sleep.  Home at last.

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Posted by: Sako @ 9:29 am

Hi!  I’m Sako.  I was born on April 8, 2009.  Hee, hee, that’s my dad’s birthday, too!  He tells me I’m a real-deal Shiloh, bred by the breed founder, Tina Barber, at New Zion Shilohs, and that’s really something special.  My dog dad is Warba and my mom is Cheyenne.

My full name is For the Sake of Auld Lang Zion.  That’s a real mouthful, especially considering how small my puppy mouth is right now, so you can just call me Sako.

Anyway, this here’s my blog.  I hope you enjoy getting to know me.

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